Family Services

Families in crisis, or on the verge of breakup are all too common as a result of the enormous stresses faced by American Indians/Alaska Natives and other ethnic populations we serve. The Seattle Indian Center is professionally staffed to provide assistance to families in need, in an attempt to preserve the structure of the family. We provide free, confidential counseling and wrap-around support services for all families in crisis.

Key to the effectiveness of our Family Services programs is the early identification and prevention of child abuse. Families work with our counselors to develop constructive responses. Child abuse is not the Indian way – our intensive case management system provides safe, culturally-appropriate ways for family members to come together and resolve problems.

We provide a safe afterschool environment for kids in grades 3 through 6. This includes activities such as sports and other recreation, tutoring and other positive alternatives to sitting home alone or running the streets. Depending on funding, during the summer we have a full time program for this age group.