Looking Forward…

While the need is enormous, and the number of people grows on a daily basis, the most daunting task faced by the Seattle Indian Center is the endless search for more funding. There is, simply, never enough money. Money to maintain our current programs and develop new ones. Money to feed, house, educate and train more people. Money to deal with the constantly increasing demands and difficulties faced by the communities we serve.

Contingent upon securing adequate financing, there are specific population groups which are in desperate need of housing assistance on a more permanent basis. These groups have few places to turn. We hope to develop projects that, similar to Kateri House, would provide unique group housing opportunities for these populations.

American Indian/Alaska Native Veterans

Nearly one third of all homeless people are veterans. We try to provide a small spark of hope among American Indian/Alaska Native veterans by funding, constructing, and staffing a group home for eight to twelve veterans to fulfill transitional housing needs and provide a full range of case management services.

Homeless Women of Color

American Indian/Alaska Native and other ethnic women with children are in desperate need of housing options. The Seattle Indian Center is actively seeking funding to build, maintain and staff a residence for eight to twelve families in need of shelter and the full range of case management services.