The Seattle Indian Center is a bridge, linking American Indian/Alaska Native communities with non-Indian resources.

Our philosophy is to provide an intensive wraparound case management approach to the needs of the community. Beyond just feeding people, we help them learn a trade. We provide shelter and help people find permanent homes. We help care for and educate children. We supply short term services in an emergency. We provide long term hope through employment, education, mental health and substance abuse counseling, legal assistance and childcare. If we are not able to provide services at the Seattle Indian Center, referrals are provided at no cost to our clients.

Off-Site Services

The SIC van delivers food, and more importantly, information regarding available resources to a number of locations throughout our area.

We provide the assistance our clients need to learn what services are abailable to them. We guide them through the maze of government requirements and paperwork to gain access to those services.

We provide assistance in gaining Supplelmental Security Income (SSI), food stamps, completing housing applications and finding shelter. We provide the information American Indians/Alaska Natives need to function successfully in this society.

Whether it’s recovery from substance abuse, finding employment or simply a hot meal, our outreach clients are able to access the Seattle Indian Center’s wraparound case management service model to address multiple needs simultaneously. These outreach clients, many of whom are homeless, are the most difficult to find and adequately serve.