Unemployment rates for American Indians and Alaska Natives are as high as 85% on reservations. We offer a lifeline to people seeking empowerment through meaningful employment.

Vocational Training

Idle hands and despair are replaced by the power of hope for a productive future through job training. The Seattle Indian Center offers courses in a variety of vocational skills. We regularly confer with government officials to identify select categories of vocational training which provide the best opportunities for future employment. Students must meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having a GED or high school diploma. Once these criteria are met the students receive an orientation session and a biweekly stipend for transportation and basic needs.

Employment and Training Department

Our Job Training Partnership Act program offers intensified training over four months in a diverse range of office skills from acounting to word processing. We also offer a three month course to improve those skills that already exist.

The program also includes an employment readiness training course teaching the skills required to obtain and keep a job, such as writing appliations, interviewing techniques and the development of suitable work habits.

SIC has job counselors who assist in counseling, job search and placement. We provide assistance in resume preparation and cover letter writing and typing services. Job counselors also assist in the location of employment among some of the region’s major employer.

Supportive services, such as tools, work clothes, food and transportation costs are provided to eligible clients once employment is verified by staff.

We are able to provide work experience in both public and private sector for eligible clients.